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Rounding out the package are a USB cable, a carrying case, headphones, and a 14-day trial membership in Zune Pass, Microsoft's -per-month, all-you-can eat music subscription service.

Of course, Zune's true appeal rests in its built-in Wi-Fi access.

The Zune is a bit larger and heavier than the latest 30GB i Pod, but its bright, beautiful color screen is a half-inch larger (measured diagonally) than the i Pod's.

When you're watching videos on a screen that small, every extra bit of real estate counts.

Before fix: Sonata Arctica False News Travels Fast After fix: Sonata Arctica - False News Travels Fast Google managed to break support for the Groovemarklet in a completely new and innovative way, thanks Google!

We've made deep structural changes to how SMG and the web extension communicate.

Most of the interesting work on this release is in the updated web extension.

However, because of what we changed, we've made it a lot easier to add the features that you guys have been requesting for a long time.

At 0 for 30GB of storage, the Zune costs exactly as much as the latest 30GB video-capable i Pod and the Zen Vision: M.

Like most non-i Pod players, it includes an FM tuner and supports MP3 and WMA music files, as well as WMV, MPEG-4, and H.264 video files.

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