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It's it's own nature to change, slowly but surely, while it draws its plans against us. Son, don't be home too late Try to get back by eight Son, don't wait till the break of day 'Cause you know how Time fades away. Talking Heads "Once In A Lifetime" was on loop in my head.Time fades away You know how Time fades away." ok, i have to chime in: One man on a lonely platform One case sitting by his side Two eyes staring cold and silent Show fear as he turns to hide Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)I am reminded of "Pippin's Song" from LOTR, which seems to fit the mood here now (with a few tweaks): Beach is behind, the sea ahead There are many posts to this thread Through newpics, to the end of Time Until the haikus cease to rhyme Beach and castle All they've made All shall Fade All shall fade I've been rehearsing Britten's War Requiem all week, the mood of which fits pretty well with the mood on this thread lately. In fact, my feelings are unusally clear, but, as usual, I'm not the kind of guy who's good at telling about feelings. I will wait for Time to end or our dear Blitzgirl to arrive in the needle-pulled-thing present, whatever will happen last. Water dissolving and water removing There is water at the bottom of the ocean Remove the water, carry the water Remove the water from the bottom of the ocean...

When this happens, I write a note at the top of the page showing which drum is tuned to whcih note, so I can keep track. Long time lurker and follower of the OTC since the beginning... Wintersun clearly prophecised the One True Comic...I've had a look back at the songs and didn't spot this one, although it's quite possible that I missed it. )Many Outside distractions have kept me away too, but inspired as always by Blitz Girl, I determined to catch up on the needle-pulled thing.May I humbly suggest a hymn for the religion: Give me that old Time religion, Give me that old Time religion, Give me that old Time religion, It's good enough for me! The chief distraction had to do with Time, as they understand it on the Outside. As another old song has it, cambia, todo cambia, but I couldn't help missing the apparent, if possibly illusory, simplicity of the One True Comic.At rehearsal last night, I realized I miss one, and started writing the pitches at the top of the page--F, A, D and E. registered and broke my lurking streak purely because I felt it would be wrong given the current events of Time (and the fact a playlist is being put together) for someone not to link to the magnificent song "Time" by Finnish metal legends Wintersun. A song that's kept coming to my mind every time one or both of them left the beach, but that I never brought up because it doesn't really mention Time, is seeming more appropriate now with the fade to gray (and all the speculation about dreaming): Between the silence of the mountains, And the crashing of the sea, There lies a land I once lived in, And she's waiting there for me, But in the grey of the morning, My mind becomes confused, Between the dead and the sleeping, And the road that I must choose.However as a newbie I can't post links, but I strongly suggest you look it up... Moody Blues, "Question" I'm amazed how many people around here know the Moody Blues; this is what, the fourth or fifth song of theirs mentioned? It might be a bit of a stretch, but it's a beautiful song and it's about equating love with an object (such as a tower), but at the end of the day everything will fall apart and you have to move on.

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