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Beyond that, you could see an update that large if the launcher detects damaged game files.

In that case, it may not actually download that much data as it’s mostly just scanning the files and only repairing what it finds has been damaged.

This is by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen the bnet app do.

Same thing just happened to me, I was on Wo W previously 15minutes prior. Mine was with the retail servers, however I do have classic but haven’t booted it in a while. I was only playing a few hours before this had happened, my account is an active one.This can be verified by clicking the versions button above the blue play button.There should be an icon next to whichever one is patching/installing. That install went relatively quickly, I dont remember how many gigs it was.These installs can be manually selected to install to a different folder instead of the main World of Warcraft one, which will require them to redownload the data folders which are pretty massive. When I switched back over to retail, it had to download 60 gigs. What it looks like it’s doing is first installing classic, and then redownloading and installing retail. And now it tell me Classic is ready to play, but next to retail it has the swirling blue icon.Install paths can be verified by clicking Blizzard in the top left, then Settings, then Game Install/Update. I don’t know if this belongs here or in the Wo W Classic Beta Test but hopefully someone can help or give some insight.

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