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And that's the benefit of it, when I can see them come to me like Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. ' And I pray about it and I give them the council of God.

I tell you, married men, married women, with children and families, come and tell me 'This is what I'm going through now. It serves its purpose but I guess there's a price that goes along with it." To state it simply, Donnie Mc Clurkin was sexually abused as a child.

Donnie Mc Clurkin is back in the UK performing live with Byron Cage and Fred Hammond.

In a sharp suit, he takes the stage and enjoys the adulation of gospel fans.

But you've still got to remain and you got to keep yourself surrounded with people who will keep you accountable.

Those things are part of the ongoing healing and deliverance.

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It's the people, God's called me to minister to his people and they are important to him. You've got to let go of one in order to move into the next place of your life. But the joy comes when I stand before the congregation that God has placed me as pastor over, and see the lives changing, and see the lives growing, and seeing the babies being born and the young people growing up in the ministry, you know?

Having been called to pastor a church in New York in 2001, he is planning on retiring from gospel music at the beginning of 2007. Because now you're at the pinnacle and to start pastoring means it cuts right into everything that you've worked so hard to do, when that was your only purpose. I have to go on to be who I'm called to be.' It served its purpose, it got the attention of the secular world and it's made me pastor to some of the greatest people. I'm like, 'Lord, whoever thought that this would happen?!

When it comes to the increasing effectiveness of his ministry in music, it seems that it has only been since he decided to pursue his calling as a pastor that his music has connected with a bigger audience. "It happened right after 'Live In London' came out in 2000. But it was all a part of bringing me to this place of pastoring. People like Beyonce, Missy Elliott and Star Jones, even though they don't go to our church, unless they come to New York. ' But I understand now, this is who he's called me to be.

And just like everyone has to deal with whatever dark secrets and demons that they have to deal with, I'm just more and more vocal and a little more transparent with it." He continues to share about the stages of deliverance.

"It came about because first of all I admitted it and took off all of the masks, opened up every closet and said 'This is the truth of what happened.' My mom was totally amazed, my family was totally shocked.

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