Who is lisa edelstein dating

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Plus, it’s interesting seeing a romance between two over-40 professionals on network television, and I think they’re being somewhat realistic with how the romance is dealt with.

I can’t wait for Candace Bergen to come on as Mother Cuddy!

doctor Lisa Edelstein has found love on and off the screen.

Lisa — whose TV character is embroiled in a red-hot romance with Hugh Laurie’s gruff Dr.

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I can’t believe she would willingly get with him, and the show seems more outrageous than usual this season. I also think the writers had to do it – it makes sense that they would give each other a chance, I think.

“A lot of what [Abby] goes through are things I’ve personally experienced in my 20s and early 30s,” Edelstein says. “Having lived through the process of mediation and becoming a step-parent, of co-parenting with someone’s ex-partner and how complicated that can be — it’s a lot of hard work and it’s not simple.” “Girlfriends’ Guide” has already stirred controversy for its cheeky promotional posters (designed by Edelstein’s husband), which show the star flipping her bare ring finger with the tag line “Go find yourself.” The art was banned by New York’s MTA — which “delighted” series creator Marti Noxon.

“I’ve always wanted to be banned,” Noxon tells The Post.

“And for the last year or so, Lisa’s favorite companions have been her beloved rescue dogs.” But all that changed when Lisa met 39-year-old Robert.

“They are both art lovers and Robert is also a big believer in animal sanctuaries and causes,” revealed the insider.

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