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And if they called me Shane, it was only a recent thing. Last year, I went with Topshop, a brand I'm very close with, so it always feels warm and happy working with Sir Philip Green. In Shane's [words] he'd probably say: feisty, independent, feline. It's not that I'm scared of people looking at me, but I just need the extra attention to make me work out!

Shane: I have to race to Santa Monica for some ADR for episode 11.

We played at the Dragonfly live for this punk-rock crowd. My first starring role I did, they asked during your lunch break if you wanted to take an hour for lunch or to get a massage, and I said "massage." I was 21!

The real Germs came out for the first time in 25 years, and the crowd went wild. I had never had one, and I became instantly addicted!

There was a romantic serenade, dancing in the moonlight, first kisses, a wedding — it had everything!

The movie wouldn't have been the same without Jamie and Landon's amazing chemistry, for which we have stars Mandy Moore and Shane West to thank. "Everything about him – the way he dressed and the music he listened to.

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