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Rumors have been circulating that Angela is allegedly dating Brooklyn Nets NBA player Allen Crabbe. Angela and her brother Jo Jo were spotted at one of the shooting guard’s recent games, and the reality star was seemingly seen riding out with Crabbe afterward in his car. #allencrabbe can we finally put the #romeomiller and Angela ish to bed… Inquisitr reports that if the rumors that Angela Simmons is Khalil Mack’s girlfriend are true, they haven’t been confirmed by either party.However, the two are reportedly following each other on Instagram, and it’s not so hard to imagine the duo hitting it off.According to the Times, Simmons said that she often asks her dad for advice on both business and personal matters.“The best advice he ever gave me was, ‘Do your best and forget the rest,’ she said.Khalil Mack, an outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears, has only been in the NFL for a few years, but became the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history when he was traded to the Bears by the Oakland Raiders in September 2018. And in addition to the change in scenery, Mack may be adjusting to another change: a new girlfriend.Mack is reportedly dating reality TV star Angela Simmons.

He lost his wife Kira during childbirth please be respectful ya’ll never read the caption! Angela’s last public relationship was with Tennyson, which ended in 2017.Simmons and Johnson walked side by side as the founder of “4Kira4Moms” pushed baby SJ in a stroller.“🎶 Might look light but we heavy though 🎶 #Sj God Dad @4kira4moms #disneyworld #Spring Break2019 📸,” Simmons captioned the image.Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Allen Crabbe is entering the third year of his four-year, .8 million contract. With his money, and his notoriety from playing in the NBA, he caught the attention of another very famous someone. She was out with Allen Crabbe from the Brooklyn Nets Angela Simmons at the Sixers Game Watching Her New Boyfriend, Brooklyn Nets Player Alan Crabbe 👀#nba #We Go Hard https://t.co/9Gli Z3ZLe6 pic.twitter.com/d9hd N0Qw Yk — Sports (@sportsgossip) March 29, 2019 Last night the Sixers did in fact play the Brooklyn Nets. We linked Simmons to Chicago Bears superstar Khalil Mack last year. Check out more of Angela below: Want More From Sports Gossip? especially after tonight 👀 she was in Philly at Sixers game and seem to be on a date afterward.

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