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This article will attempt to draw together knowledge about the electric guitars used by Hank Marvin, particularly during his time with The Shadows.It has the word "some" in the title because of the extensive period of time over which Hank has performed and also the wide range of music genres covered.It is important that you do that so we can narrow down what is causing the problem in the first place.Information to provide when posting: 1.) Shadow & Light Version 2.) Elv UI Version 3.) Provide lua errors 4.) Provide a screenshot if possible 5.) Detailed description of the issue on when it happens, how it happens, whatever you did to reproduce it.

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Before posting, PLEASE, make sure you are running the latest version of Shadow & Light as well as Elv UI and that you DISABLE ALL addons except for those two and try to reproduce the issue.Core Elv UI now v3.551 [June 6th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed tooltip issues with deconstruct button. v3.55 [May 31st, 2019] Changes: - Toggle Config and Toggle Config Mode was renamed, this fixes the calls to those functions v3.54 [May 16th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed coloring for quest log underlines - Fixed wrong raid progress tooltipp Changes: - Sort of support for changes in Elv UI 11.11 v3.53 [April 7th, 2019] Fixes: - Fixed applying layout reseting nameplates again - Fixed M banner not disappearing when corresponding option is enabled.Statusbar skin and affix style comming at later date.It also means if we push an update it will not mess with any Elv UI files.This addon can not be used without Elv UI installed and enabled.

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