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They discover they can time travel using the bedroom door, and make changes to their eras, but that their destinies may not be in their own hands.From World War, to revolution and ultimately rebirth, Forever Young is the story of four generations spanning a hundred years of modern Chinese history. See full summary » The Hong Kong police are hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named "Painter".In February 2016, Wang co-founded Deshe Entertainment (Tianjin) Ltd.

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To add to their stress, someone is after their inheritance, trying to make them break their contract, and is sending people to their school to do so.Meanwhile, love blossoms among the brothers and their classmates. He is known for his television roles in All Quiet in Peking (2014), The Disguiser (2015), Nirvana in Fire (2015), Ode to Joy (2016), When a Snail Falls in Love (2016), Stay With Me (2016), and Like a Flowing River (2018), as well as his film role in The Devotion of Suspect X. Although he wanted to become an actor after performing Thunderstorm in school, his father wanted him to do sports while his mother wanted him to find a stable job.The next year, he applied for the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Academy of Drama.Wang received offers from both academies, and chose to attend the latter.

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