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With at least one pairing, it was a relief that the series took that step from friends to more for a little while.In at least one case, having two characters get (and stay) together was the right move.That provided a reason to root for them to be together and break up. It was obvious Nate and Blair never would (or should) have stayed together from the beginning.Their relationship seemed to exist to be the source of conflict in season 1 for Blair and Serena's friendship. It was clear from the very start that Serena and Dan would end up together.

The only good thing to come of it was them realizing in season 2 they were truly over. On the one hand, leaving the city was best for Jenny.

Nate and Vanessa's had an on-again-off-again relationship.

There was drama that surrounded their relationship, but there were indications that it wasn't going to last.

Considering the series followed a group of friends from high school to post-college careers, romance was inevitable.

For a series on the CW, relationship drama is also a sure thing for most, if not all, couples.

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