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It used to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task where you had to define template columns and then manually get the updated values.Now, with C1Grid View for Wijmo, all of that is history.There are also two events associated with this that you can use � Row Updating and Row Updated. in the absence of batch update, both of these events are raised for each and every row being updated.

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These event handlers simply increment two integer variables.Finally, we set the Update Batch Size property of the Sql Data Adapter to 10 indicating that we want to update 10 rows as a batch.If you run this application you will notice that the variable updating holds the value equal to the number of rows in the table because this event is raised each time a row is being updated.Now, suppose there is only one row in C1Grid View (eg.after filtering) and now the user wants to edit the grid.

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