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He puts her to bed in the spare room and sleeps fitfully, only to be woken by the clunk-drag of her gait up his old wooden stair case at 3am. Pretty much every day now, someone out there decides to "like" me.

With an error message that I either had “fake photos” or I “violated terms” ...

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This is our measure to ensure the quality of Luxy users. So please do not wear sunglasses or other decorations. For user experience, we adopt such a strict mechanism. If you have any questions, please contact customer service, Luciana. I really hope that this is just an error and this issue can be resolved!I would love to actually use this APP and give it a proper review.In the APP it said to contact customer service via email if you felt that the lock out was by error.I emailed them right away and received an email back within a few hours telling me to reply with my log-in and email and they would explain why I was locked out of my account (which I did) and then no reply from them.

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