Updating registry for email program

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Follow the same instruction for Outlook 2013: if you plan to alter the Registry settings, replace the 15.0 part of both keys with 14.0.

Follow the same instruction for Outlook 2013/2010 with the following differences: Programmatic Access is not available on the older versions of Outlook – and the registry key method won’t work either.

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Only the Windows folder is entered into the list of watched folders so you have to enter any others yourself through the Folders tab.

The program is quite detailed in what it can track and includes additions, deletions, or modifications to files and directories, INI files and the system registry.

The good thing about Install Watch is the easy to read way in which the results are displayed because it behaves just like a standard Explorer window with an expanding tree view of the sections on the left.

Please include your current contact information, full name and date of birth and/or Donor Identification Number.

All these messages are generated by the Outlook E-mail Security settings (starting from Outlook 2000).

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