Updating performance appraisals

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Performance reviews can be either competency based or traditional.You can add notes and attach performance diary entries to either type of performance appraisal to document the views of the ratings that appear in the appraisal.You use the Create Performance Appraisals program (P087711) to generate appraisals and evaluate employee job performance.These appraisals provide historic examples of activities that employees complete.The manager then schedules a meeting with you to review the appraisal and obtain feedback.You are normally the final step of the approval process.You then can set up the system to allow managers or human resources representatives to approve or contest the appraisals online on behalf of an employee.

The manager submits the appraisal for approval using a predefined approval hierarchy.

To complete a traditional performance self appraisal, you manually complete an appraisal template.

You then review the performance self appraisal and make appropriate changes.

You can also attach appropriate diary entries that provide examples of performance activities.

If you are not using ESS, you can still utilize the automated performance management system by performing pieces of the review process outside of the JD Edwards Enterprise One system.

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