Updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing

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This is the bread and butter of VCS: checking out a repository, committing changes, and getting updates.

But yes, you can obviously script your way around anything for one local environment.

Surely the correct solution is a better log output that can filter out these unwanted merges.

As an added bonus, here’s a diagram illustrating the commands a typical developer on a traditional Subversion project needed to know about to get their work done.

There is essentially no distinction between implementation detail and user interface.

Everyone else only had to update, commit, update, commit, update, commit…A common response I get to complaints about Git’s command line complexity is that “you don’t need to use all those commands, you can use it like Subversion if that’s what you really want”. That’s like telling an old granny that the freeway isn’t scary, she can drive at 20kph in the left lane if she wants.Git doesn’t provide any useful subsets – every command soon requires another; even simple actions often require complex actions to undo or refine. Just rev to 6000, dump the clutch, and use wheel spin to get round the first corner.The most spectacular example of this is the command “git am”, which as far as I can tell, is something Linus hacked up and forced into the main codebase to solve a problem he was having one night.It combines email reading with patch applying, and thus uses a different patch syntax (specifically, one with email headers at the top). They describe the commands from the perspective of a computer scientist, not a user.

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