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Our first thought is the high cost of completing this. Necessity breeds innovation, which is why startups are often able to move mountains with seemingly nothing to support them.

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More and More fast food restaurants follow Mc Donalds trend of Kiosk ordering, this however comes at a high cost it requires specially designed Kiosks, design development and complicated integrations to allow payments and other functions.

We caught wind of Micros’ efforts through one of Micros’ largest EMEA resellers.

The web link, which is now inactive, briefly shared what Micros has been working on.

This new state of the art Cloud environment will significantly upgrade performance, stability reduce costs and bring new functions such as fall-over capabilities.

It will also open the pathway to OAD – Oracle Autonomous Database which is Self-Driving, Self-Securing and Self-Repairing which will offer full end to end automation for: Provisioning, Security, Updates, Availability, Performance, Change Management and Error Management and will bring scaling to the next level with the ability to grow resources during peek time only.

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