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The particular operations supported by batch Update can be grouped into the following broad categories: These categories are used in the next section to describe the behavior of specific operations.

The batch Update method works by taking one or more Request objects, each one specifying a single kind of request to perform. Here's a breakdown on the types of requests, grouped into different categories. These are a comma-delimited list of fields that you want to update.

requests.append() # Find and replace text requests.append() # Add additional requests (operations) ...

body = response = service.spreadsheets().batch Update( spreadsheet Id=spreadsheet_id, body=body).execute() find_replace_response = response.get('replies')[1].get('find Replace') print(' replacements made.'.format( find_replace_response.get('occurrences Changed')))requests = [] # Change the name of sheet ID '0' (the default first sheet on every # spreadsheet) requests.push() # Find and replace text requests.push() # Add additional requests (operations) ...

As other folks have mentioned, Java, Active X, Silverlight, Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) and other plugins are not supported in Microsoft Edge.

Most modern browsers are moving away from plugins and toward standard HTML5 controls and technologies.

requests.add(new Request() Update Spreadsheet Properties(new Update Spreadsheet Properties Request() Properties(new Spreadsheet Properties() Title(title)) Fields("title"))); // Find and replace text.

requests.add(new Request() Find Replace(new Find Replace Request() Find(find) Replacement(replacement) All Sheets(true))); // Add additional requests (operations) ...

Batch Update Spreadsheet Request body = new Batch Update Spreadsheet Request()Requests(requests); Batch Update Spreadsheet Response response = service.spreadsheets().batch Update(spreadsheet Id, body).execute(); Find Replace Response find Replace Response = Replies().get(1)Find Replace(); printf("%d replacements made.", find Replace Occurrences Changed());var requests = []; // Change the spreadsheet's title. requests.push(); // Add additional requests (operations) ...

The mask is required to make sure only fields you want to edit are updated.

You can use a "*" as short-hand for updating every field (which means a field may revert to its default state if you don't specify a value for it in the request).

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