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because the state (switch) is showing as OFF in the android app for me but the icon is still showing as ON. I just realized that I’m not able to enable some items being exposed to myopen HAB.

Some items’ checkboxes are not enabled in Paper UI.

as soon as im at home and connected to the local server/link all appears correctly in the app.

@Trickx is it for you that the state of the item is not reflecting correctly on myopenhab or only the icon? My issue seem to be related to the open HAB cloud configuration.

Hi All, My office version is not updated to show the latest icons.

All my peers have their office updated and displaying new icons/style.

always the same behavior, on remote connection the switch/state of an item is changing via the android APP but the Icon shows always ON.

does really nobody else is having the same behavior? In the screenshots below you can see the network icons are black (undefined) when using remote. All my light icon are showed as on regardless of the switch status.

With i OS 10.3, Apple added a new method, set Alternate Icon Name, that allows you to programmatically change your app icon.When I click on "update", the system is saying that I already have an updated version on my computer. Can anyone help me with getting the new update to my office?So based on my searches this has been a long-standing bug on i OS/Apple’s end.As of yet I haven’t been able to confirm a workaround so would like to see if I’m up to speed on this.I incorporated a new favicon on my site with the help of realfavicongenerator, and it’s showing up everywhere except Safari i OS where a faulty cache seems to force the old image to show when the site is favorited or bookmarked.

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