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Multiple timeline bars can easily be added to Project Online as well. Don’t be afraid to differentiate your Timeline with contrasting font and bar colors.

All you need to do is follow some simple steps: – Edit your project in Project Online via a web browser. Another new and the most requested feature in Project 2016 is Resource Engagement requests.

When Project Managers add an Engagement, the request is routed to the Resource Manager.

Resource Managers are able to view quickly all of the requests and determine which requests to approve or reject.

The timeline look and feel can be customized with few easy clicks and quickly shared via emails, presentation, etc., without exporting the entire plan.

In Project 2016, users now have separate timeline bars for important summary tasks or deliverables. Now the users are able to add as many Timeline bars as you need.

To get earned value view, select view – Table – More table.

In real word team started working on the project, start updating the project with actual data.

Let’s explore the top seven features that help business owners and project managers increase productivity within their organizations: The major architectural impact of Project 2016 is the complete integration into Share Point 2016.

Project Server 2016 runs as a service application in Share Point Server 2016.

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In this example I tried to show how to calculate earned value using MS-Project.

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