Updating an outdated computer system would be an example of

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A lot of viruses can thrive, multiply and hide among files inside your computer.Suppose your computer contains too many outdated files, repairing and fixing the drivers might be more difficult to perform.These numerous files can be used by the computer viruses as a medium for spreading all over your system.For a computer with numerous users, driver updates will be more significant.I updated from Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on my very-late 2008 Mac Book to El Capitan, and it did whatever I needed.

From the website, you can also get the updates and revisions of your hardware drivers.Ability to use Air Play, faster network connections, ports for working with faster peripherals, etc.May I suggest that you also consider just what you wish to do?Hardware drivers or device drivers are software programs that allow each hardware component to communicate with the computer.They are developed by the hardware manufacturer of the developers of operating systems.

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