Tree ring dating method

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So those who have put their faith in radiocarbon dates must now ask themselves whether that faith is strengthened or weakened by the new linkage to tree-ring dates.This would have been true, not only before the Flood, but even for some time afterward, while the earth’s crust was adjusting to new pressures.Who can say how often multiple rings formed under those conditions, or how many extra centuries are included in the chronology on that account?Ferguson says on this point: “In some instances, 5 percent or more of the annual rings may be missing along a given radius that spans many centuries.The location of such ‘missing’ rings in a specimen is verified by cross-dating its ring pattern with the ring pattern of other trees in which the ‘missing’ ring is present.”Since the investigator adds these “missing rings” to his chronology, it is greater than the actual number of rings counted, by five or more years for each century.

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