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A reader asked for advice for people who are looking for love, trying to meet people, dating.The “looking for love” part of life is definitely trying, and I have to admit I’m no dating expert.In another, he muses: "Hitler did a lot, and don't we all wish he'd stayed home and got stoned?" Dex's Don Juan formula seems foolproof until he falls for Cyd (Greer Goodman), a smart, attractive set designer who's in town for a few weeks to work on the Santa Fe Opera's production of--what else? Dex likes Cyd so much--a violation of rule one-that he begins to act like a "Stu," the opposite of a Steve, best exemplified by uncool bumblers such as Jughead, Barney Fife, and Gomer Pyle.The examples he cites are Steve Mc Garrett, Steve Austin, and the all-time king of laid-back Steves, Mr. It's a philosophy Dex began formulating back in Phil 101, where he cut through the beer fog long enough to glean a vocabulary (a decade after college his "favorite word" is still "solipsistic") and a reading list with which to impress chicks and rationalize his life as a confirmed underachiever."Slacker detachment is a Buddhist virtue," he argues in one scene.It can stress you out, get you down, make your life harder.I consider myself an introvert, but I’ve made a concerted effort in my life to get better at making friends and socializing. I’ve created a course in my Sea Change Program to help others get good at making friends and dating …

I found myself approaching Zen and dating in a very non-Zen way. ” In the practice of Zen meditation, the brain moves toward a state of being very quiet.

Cyd likes Dex, too, though she's deeply hurt that he doesn't remember her or the fling they had in college.

Still, she recognizes him for the person he really is--a vulnerable guy who's just trying to be the best person he can be.

As he walks through the crowd, Dex overhears women, many of them his former conquests, commenting on how much the "smartest guy on campus" has let himself go. Dex knows what he's got, and he's the first to admit it ain't looks. " he tells his much thinner and far lonelier friends who are always tapping him for dating advice. He has the right philosophy of life and love, or at least lust--a personal Weltanschauung he cobbled together with threads from Lao-tzu, Heidegger, and Marx (Groucho, that is).

He calls his system the Tao of Steve-"Steve" being the name that represents for him all that is cool, confident, and unruffled, no matter what life may bring.

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