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After rumors of a cancellation of her engagement today on Twitter, Kensington Palace announced this morning that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child.

KP also announced that, as with her first two pregnancies, Kate is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and has canceled her engagement for today.

Hogwarts was never quite the same after that morning. But his borrowed dark eyes began to droop again, and before he knew it, Zabini's cheek was resting against the cool desk, and sleep was pulling him into its dark clutches. Then Harry remember who—and where—he was, and he bolted up right on the stool, left side of his borrowed cheek burning from where the warm skin had been ripped from its desperate cling the solid wood of the desk for so long."Shit—what happened?

" Harry asked at once, sleepy dark eyes scanning the room to see it empty apart from himself and Theodore Nott."You fell asleep halfway through Healer Penniforth's lesson." Theo informed him, frowning.

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Harry decided to let the words pass for now as they found themselves a table near the section on 'Flying'. He believed that I should have stayed with Draco and helped him forget his crush on the other boy, but I just didn't feel right about stringing things along. Still, it was worrisome that Potter was still calling Draco by his last name, even after three days of being close to the man. Harry blushed and murmured out a, "no, I'm straight."Theo smirked. The grunts and muttered curses and spells coming from inside the classroom sounded like someone was dueling inside.They must have known that she was probably going to cancel it due to “HG”. I hate to not be as happy about Kate’s pregnancy announcement as I was about Madeleine’s, but I’m so annoyed by the engagement cancellation and the fact that Kate will probably do jack shit for the next 3 months… and then jack shit for 6 months to a year after that. Theo nodded in confirmation, reaching over to the other side of his desk to pull apart two pieces of long parchment. Blinking rapidly, Harry settled his gaze upon his unfamiliar desk top, eyes landing on the open bottle of ink with a quill sticking out of it."He assigned us an essay before he left, and I was asked to make sure you received yours. Suddenly, he remembered his gallant effort at note taking and feeling a spark of hopefulness, he lunged for the paper atop the desk, only to fall back with a groan. It took Harry a few moments before he realized the Slytherin had called him by his first name.

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