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God knows what she was thinking about…As for me, I had a fucking great sex just a few moments ago. Oh yeah, you are probably wondering how everything went with my wife, right?Well, I’m an honest man who doesn’t prefer playing political games nor sitting on two chairs simultaneously. I never told my now ex-wife that I had sex with that hot neighbor. Anyway, I decided to act in a manner of a true gentleman so I turned left, on a narrow sidewalk, leading to the place where that unknown silhouette was sitting on the small step, right in front of the door. As I was approaching, I realized that the silhouette was, in fact, my mysterious sexy neighbor.It was a quiet night in the middle of the working week. I got instantly excited but managed to keep my cool.It will take another month before I see those two sexy blue eyes.

Was it my luck or the reason for the ultimate tragedy that the damn lighter didn’t work, you’ll find out later.I’m in my 30’s so I didn’t want to look like some immature and horny teenager.“Here, allow me.” I took my Zippo and lit it on just to reveal her crying face.Her makeup was a mess but that didn’t seem to affect her overall appearance.Some strange woman, with whom I exchanged a few simple words, in almost total silence, without even introducing one to another, is offering herself to me. I slowly put her down and pushed her against the wall while kissing her belly all the way down to her pubic bone. I reached with my arms between her inner thighs until I could grab her butt from underneath. I put her down, turned her around, unleashed my raw hard potential and just went in. Every single atom of my energy was used to fuck her harder and harder.Once I had her on my forearms, I started lifting her all the way up until her pussy came in line with my mouth. Luckily, I watched some porns that morning so there weren’t any dangers for ending everything too early.

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