Tall intimidating muscular women

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Why would a woman be intimidated by a tall, muscular man ? Her father may be like that, her brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. I am tall as well, so 6' - 6'3" don't even register as particularly tall to me.

Don't forget most men are taller and more muscular than most woman. I am more intimidated by angry, aggressive behavior, so if a guy seems prone to 'roid rage I will simply avoid him. It could just be that I grew up with 9 boys, but I can't stand feeling like I could break my date if I hug him, like I have to gentle with him.

Though I do not care for younger women, on the rare occasion that I flirt with one it's not been reciprocated..

younger women find me somewhat intimidating, though I've always tried to be anything but..

Also, some of her friends that are gay, I suspect because of past experiences or maybe something stemming from younger years, their eyes radiate absolute apprehension towards me when I'm around, they seem barely able to mask their fright of me, and do so only I think on account of their friendship with my sister.

Also, the type women that are looking for a partner who is more the submissive type, I've found do not care for me, as it is easy for them to see by looking at me and feeling my vibe, that I won't take the first ounce of sh*t from them, so these types ignore me.

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Trouble is it's hard to get buff when you are tall. Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou's height have been greatly exaggerated although they are plenty tall.

Now women in their mid 30s and up, generally speaking, seem the most at ease around me and pretty comfortable actually, which suits me fine - because they are my favorite Again these are of course subjective experiences, but they are experiences nonetheless.

The original poster made a good thread I think, it is a matter worth considering Some of these questions are incredibly silly. My dad and uncles are all taller and bigger than that, and my husband is taller but about 10 pounds lighter.

I remember the first time I saw Lou Ferrigno at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA. I couldn't believe that I was taller than the two most famous bodybuilders of my childhood.

It's a good way to get attention and make people come to you.

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