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If you aren’t a girl, let me give you a piece of advice: don’t bother, unless you have at least a 3:1 ratio. If you're fortunate enough to one day join a frat, you'll enjoy being on the other side.

It started off as a joke because of how funny the sentence sounded, until one legend went ahead and got some head.Check it out: Of course no one wants to voluntarily get in trouble, but if you have the opportunity to throw the dopest pregame ever, it might just be worth it. The only thing harder than getting into Chuck’s freshman year is trying to get alcohol from any liquor store, especially one in the middle of Marshall Street. Also, if you can make the grumpy owner smile, you win!If you have not been written up at least once while living in the dorms, you clearly need to re-evaluate your definition of fun. From trying to act cool, to picking the right beer, to avoiding tripping over the grumpy owners big ass dog, the entire process is a nerve-racking, yet an exciting adventure. During freshman year, you’d think that some of these frat parties are as exclusive as the world’s most popular clubs, judging by the amount of “security” at their doors.You can lock the door and they are big and spacious.Because if they can use our facilities we can damn well use theirs.

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