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ex: I want to merge the two controls; one has the date the other has the time when I update the pages data to the Sql Da..update not updating I have a web form that poplulates a ddl form a sql db table, then it querys another table and returns values that are set to the property of 4 textboxes based on the selected property of the ddl. The textboxes are loaded with the correct info, and the ddl is running smoothly. SQL Update not updating Well, it's probably just doing what it thinks its being told to do.

The text box is formatted eval to small time and the calendars eval has no formatting.

Keep in mind this works fine for adding new or bring up current records. Seperate Date and Time Merge; done at SQL Update or C# .

When I go to change something in the info it uses an sql statement that updates based on "Where Account User Name = @Account User Name", I have @Account User Name set to Profile("Username").

Scenario: I am using the Row Updating Event of the Gridview to do updates because I need more flexibility than the SQLDatasource Update provides.

So the problem I am having is that when I get the Datakey value I am trying to get the values in the controls in the Edit Mode of the current row I am trying to update. I am using the Find Control function to get the values from the editing row so I specifically name the dropdownlists and textboxes so I can access them here.

In the code below I do get the Country ID and Region ID but they are the original values not the new ones selectedfrom the Edit Mode row.

Here is the code, Plz correct me if am wrongtry { Sql Connection conn = new Sql Connection(System. To release a new buggy version every two weeks is not very professional.

the altered data should go and replace the existing data. Converting a grid View using an Sql Datasource to a gridview who is not using an SQL Data Source How can i rewrite this page so that i doesnt make use of an Sql Data Source? Name: Andreas Email: unbekanntatjokerdotms Product: Firefox Summary: updates, updates, updates, NO MORE! if you want to develop a fine webbrowser, maybe you nee a new management.

Close() End Sub Protected Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Click Dim conname1 As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String() Dim con1 As New Sql Connection(conname1) Dim sql1 As String = "UPDATE [content] SET [pagename] = @pagename WHERE [Id] = @Id " Dim cmd1 As New Sql Command(sql1, con1) cmd1. I have used same thing on the Form View and works perfectly fine. Problems updating with text Boxes and a Data Source I'm trying to update the database by displaying the current fields of a table in Text Box controls and editing them inside the Text Box.

Input Parameters("Prouct"), String)=Nothing //Doesnt it have to be something like this "" But If I have value then it shows the value.

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