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We assure you that we will not track, record or sell your private information to any 3rd party in any case.

Even if something of such sort is involved, you can just opt out of it as the power of decision lies with you. However, if we are approached by some government agency, we will be liable to share your information in that case.

But where at all will you find all of the aspects that make an online chat room right for you? This isn’t just a platform of a sort that will help you make some friends or chat with random people by using it anonymously. It understands the fact that you are bored, and you need to cheer up.

We Keep Your Personal Information Private: Chatmatez has a very honorable reputation for keeping the privacy of its users.

Also, you can just call the police in your area and report the person there too for your and everyone’s safety. Although it is fairly normal to ask so, but you should be considerate in not giving your personal information to every Tom and Harry. People are more interested in chatting with people they don’t know without giving out their identities.

This is why they prefer guest chatting without registration.

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Chatting and accessing various groups is completely free and there aren’t any privileges within Chatmatez.We believe in complete privacy and the right to be what you want to be.Chatmatez is just as concerned about your security as anyone in your family might be.There isn’t any sort of membership, premium or other whatsoever and we won’t ask you even a penny.This is the prime reason why you shouldn’t let out your financial details to anyone in any case.

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