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Other beliefs are that God created the world in six days; humans are fallen; the conflict between Christ and Satan is a “great controversy.” On Salvation, the church says that the resurrection of Christ is atonement for human sin and that Jesus saves man. Seventh Day Adventists believe that the Sabbath begins at the end of the sixth day, which is considered Friday and lasts one day, which is Saturday.

The Sabbath “protects man’s friendship with God and provides time essential for the development of that relationship.” For that reason, on the Sabbath, there can be no secular labor, including any household tasks.

Join Us This Saturday Service times: Sabbath School: a.m. Do you know anyone that needs prayer; do you have a prayer request. Call in your prayer requests at any time by dialing: (505) 836-1480.

Come and enjoy the scenic wonders of nature in worship and praise.

Members are asked to “greet the Sabbath with the tranquility of mind.” Worship services are held on the Sabbath for the church for both worship and fellowship.

Other rules for the Sabbath include avoiding weddings and funerals; however, the church does allow for seeking emergency healthcare on the Sabbath.

It was during the Second Great Awakening that preacher William Miller predicted Christ’s return on October 22, 1844.

When he was wrong (called the Great Disappointment), his following of Millerites split into several groups, including what would become modern Seventh Day Adventists, who said the date was correct, but that on that date, Jesus had begun the last phase of his atoning ministry in the “sanctuary in heaven.” The few hundreds of Seventh Day Adventists grew to about 3,000 by 1863, which is considered the official establishment of the church.

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