Rouls of dating and marriage

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Tweet: Follow him, tweet at him, or reply to something funny he says after a few dates.

Interacting on Twitter is less of a big deal than Facebook (and you can probably see his tweets without following him too).

Bend It: Have sex when you both want the same thing from the relationship.

There is a reason for the no-sex-on-the-first-date rule, but it's not to protect your chastity.

To Seku, “Traditional relating is just not matching up. Some men look elsewhere in order to feel like they’re not dying.

OK, that's a bit dramatic, but point is, you want to set the tone that you're an equal partner—and contributing financially does that, says Chiara Atik, an expert with online dating and relationship site How About

I am one who believes monogamy can be fulfilling and successful.

I also believe we all deserve to feel we have the power of making a choice.

Facebook: Friend him after two dates (after all, you'd be creeped out if he friended you the minute he got home from your first date).

But don't post on his wall until you're in a few of his photos.

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