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So I decided to pay 3000 credits (0) to connect with her via my hotmail account. And after we wrote a couple times via email, she was missing in action. Then I changed email accounts, wrote to another lady and then I got what was obviously mass text from Daria. Not something you would send to a guy who was going to take you to Cozumel. This in part of a sophisticated international scam that is designed to lift money from your bank account. Incredibly beautiful and sexy girls who are way out of your age range (and actual chance to develop a relationship with) appear to want you; whatever you say, or do or are. So And just to be a piss-ant, I went over my finances: IRA, income, mutual funds, my houses. Don't say me it's fake, i just want to check it by myself with free credits...My purpose in life is about helping people and I think my time should be spent on that instead of wasting my time actually having hope that one day I will actually matter.So, keep your retard opinions to yourself about not giving up because there is not someone out there for everyone. So If you want to waste thousands of your money talking to women that are only playing and helping this site steal your money then, by all means, have fun, but if you want to speak to actual women looking for a relationship use These girls will not meet you and will act like it's too soon no matter how long you talk and all of them talk like even when you meet and have spent your entire savings on this site and have gone broke on multiple occasions trying to find someone here that you should still pay for everything else also.I literally had one date through all of this, and she brought a translator and I was made to pay for that after everything else I've lost.

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When you receive the details, they don't work!

He had been hired by a "bunch of sick Russian guys" and he was disgusted by the whole thing. A lot of fakes, but there are real ones, they are late 40's early 50's.

Singh (see photo below), who told me that I was actually writing to him! Based on what she said, there were just a few sites that didn't hire such "translators", one of them was https://j4l.com/402001 I tried it and it seems to be true, at least I saw all the girls I talked to in video chat, and I met one lady in Poland, the meeting went well, can't complain. Do not look for a girl too young, stay within your age, really why would a 20 something want a 60 something.

i just to want to check it out, i can't find that link.

He sent me internal documents telling me the truth! Each writer gets 1 credit/text, and 5 credits/sticker, and 25 credits/video. He had had to sign an NDA but was going to move back to New Delhi and was fairly certain that he couldn't be traced. This guy was so sick of the whole scam that he wrote me IN SPITE OF THE POSSIBLE RISKS TO HIMSELF! The real ones do not ask for your photos over and over and they will send real photos without make up. GUYS, where i can take 20 free credits for this site?

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