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It was kind of a classic situation where I felt like there were a lot of angry men.The only way they knew how to engage was to be mean and angry and dismissive, and cut you off.

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I was just thinking of this young woman Sadie Hernandez, who is a college student in Texas and who held her own protest outside the Governor's Mansion when Planned Parenthood was cut out of the breast cancer screening program – which I can't even believe I'm saying those words.The thought that anyone would want to not let women get breast cancer screening is incredible -- but Sadie really just took it on herself, she didn't have a lot of support…Blanchard: Yeah, she didn't ask for permission…Richards: Right. What keeps me excited and inspires me is to see a whole new generation of young people who aren't waiting to be asked, they're just doing it.Blanchard: And I feel like social media has also entitled a lot of people to that right. And telling stories that no one ever would have told in my generation. Richards: What do you think about young men your age?Rowan Blanchard: I think especially for people my age or a little older than me, sexual health is always something that's used against them, or in sex ed classes, it's talked about from a male perspective, and it's never something that's in favor of a woman. I can go there and have a non-judgmental place where it's safe." Richards: I'm curious about people your age, because it's so important that we move and change to be there for young people.What is it you feel that they need from Planned Parenthood?

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