Purity while dating

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People hotly debated if dating was something that Christians should avoid.

Harris advocated for young people to find their spouses through a courtship that was overseen by Godly parents.

Others find that it strays too far from traditional Evangelical values.

Regardless of your feelings about Bolz-Weber’s position, she’s proven to resonate with large swaths of Christians who felt damaged by the black-and-white messaging of the 1990’s True Love Waits movement.

If nothing else, it’s proof that people really can change.

Harris is right that his apology comes far too late for many people he hurt, but one way to make up for it would be by openly condemning the purity culture he used to promote.

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a Lutheran minister and author which debuted in early 2019.

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He explains his change of heart, he acknowledges his mistakes, and he apologizes to those he hurt (albeit inadvertently). He’s also putting his money where his mouth is by discontinuing the book’s publication.(Although, this assumes that all young Christians Godly parents available to oversee a courtship process.) He personally had great success finding a Godly wife through his method and assured his 1.2 million readers that his romantic prescription would also deliver similar success for them.20 years later, Harris changed his thinking, even ceasing the book’s publication.And he knew that in his resurrection he would be known by his brokenness and scars. We can only really know and be known when we show how life has marked us.” . You are such a beautiful writer, and you bless and challenge the world with your words. #Shameless Book A post shared by Jeff Chu (@byjeffchu) on While there remains ample debate among Christians about what God’s sexual purity standards should look like in practice, there seems to be a decreasing emphasis on prescriptive rules for finding a partner.As the unintended damage of “purity culture” continues to emerge, we anticipate more Christian thought-leaders will prioritize healthy messages and conversations of wisdom and grace over pharisaical chastity in the future.

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