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I haven't played for a few days.https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5593077837 2018-03-13 Ask your brother what this is about, I play a war all right, and also not be the bomb suit what, I just get not to deploy kicked out, almost everyone is like this, and just a I entered, not throwing, ak12 killed a man and then save the ECG a teammate and this, is why I open the acceleratorhttps://tieba.baidu.com/p/5644184554 2018-04-11 The game isn't playing... I think my biggest mistake is to think that this method can work. Sorry, I have tried all the ways, but ask for advice. Same thing happened to myself and lots of others - suspect it was triggered by a patch of some form - that Even Balance can act as police, judge, jury and executioner without providing any actual evidence is literally disgusting. Besides, nowadays cheating softwares can pass through PB detection easily. Cheating softwares need to be paid, must be updating everytime. Now I don't even know why it happened and Even Balance is not helping out Who knows what's the sink with PB.https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5778479013 2018-07-02 Look at the old man, why do I always be expelled by PB? I just kicked the power supply and restarted my PC, then shit happened. PB really sucks, Evenbalance just like China court, judge you without evidence.Punk Buster File Downloads This brings us to one solution; user-to-user sharing of the latest downloaded Punk Buster files because there is no other way to get them at this point.You can download the necessary files below and simply copy the files from the download into the “pb” folder located within the respective Call of Duty game installation directory overwriting any files that are currently there.

As of 2013/2014 Even Balance has officially dropped Punk Buster support for older Call of Duty titles.

Make sure your anti-virus isn't block 2 Punkbuster or Origin files. This makes me mad, as I had constant crashes since I bought bf4 a couple of weeks ago.

Now that I finally solved that (found an older graphics driver that works), this shit happened.

Have never cheated or used any unscrupulous software.

EB said the ban was legit, EA said no suspicious activity on my account.

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