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It also encompasses the next door premises known as An Tobar.Bierhaus Bierhaus undoubtedly stocks the greatest selection of beer in the City, they even have a menu. Bierhaus is located in the West end of the City and compliments the selection of pubs already in the area.Ireland is a small country with an enormous amount to offer, not least of which are its rich culture, diverse artistic talent and lively people.The 'Celtic Tiger', which saw the economy and property market in Ireland boom from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, took Ireland from one of the EU’s poorer countries to one of the wealthiest.

The Front Door/Sonnys The Front door is a cavernous premise accessible both from High Street and Cross Street.O Connells Boasting one of the best beer gardens in Galway as well as being a unique and interesting pub. The Quays Pronounced "Keys" for all those who don't know.Located in the middle of Quay Street, the Quays Pub is the perfect spot to grab a chair outside and watch the masses go by.Although seeming gigantic from the outside, once inside it has a warm intimate feel.The upstairs venues are usually full every Saturday.

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