Problems updating peerguardian 2

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I have been using PG for few months now, and in the last week or so every time i try to update the lists all of them except for Government give me "Error contacting URL".i belive this is either an error in the website it self (where the lists are kept) or where PG is trying to get the lists from (wrong URL) i went to a couple of the lists in my browser, and they give me a 404 message. I comment on this issue in the section about the Lists in criticism.

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This article suggests there is a linear progression in the development or Peer Guardian 1, 2 and then Peer Block, but that is not what is happening really.This means when you connect to counter-strike, etc you can just switch to pg, right click on the Valve IPs and choose to allow them. This application is not simplistic, it's built from several elements and has often been hyped by non-savvy media orgs - there are misconceptions about the application, this being one of them.In the persuit of fact I have reverted your entry, and I think have justified myself from the evidence above.I tryed completely reinstalling PG, with no success and now i am missing 4 lists. Hello, I am kidcash from the Phoenixlabs PG2 Forums.

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