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This scan concentrates on performing measurements of the head, waist, and thigh bone.

It is possible to estimate the baby's weight using these measurements.

In addition to performing a detailed scan it is also possible to use the new 3/4D technology to obtain further images of your baby.

The best quality 3/4D images are obtained between 24 and 30 weeks gestation.

The examination is usually carried out by scanning through the abdomen but if the pregnancy is very early, scanning via a probe inserted into the vagina may be appropriate (transvaginal ultrasound).

This scan is of value to any woman who may have concerns about her pregnancy, who is unsure of how far along she is or simply wishes to see the pregnancy progressing.

Smiling, yawning and sucking is often seen depending on how awake or asleep the baby is.

The quality (how clear they are) of the 3/4D images is mostly determined by the baby’s position and how far along the pregnancy is.

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Such images are very popular with parents since they provide easily recognisable images of their baby’s face in particular which they can share with family and friends.This assessment is for women who wish to have a screening test for the prediction of a baby with Down's Syndrome. The majority of babies develop normally in the womb but a small percentage are affected by either minor or major problems.Knowledge of such developmental problems can be invaluable in planning the appropriate care for the pregnancy.The baby's wellbeing is assessed by examining the amount of fluid around the baby and the function of he placenta ('afterbirth') using a technique called Doppler ultrasound.Doppler measures the pattern blood flow in the baby's umbilical cord.

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