Pipix updating minecraft

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Then on the Left hand side Click on Plugins then Click the Red "X" box to Enable the Minecraft Plugin it should turn into a green check mark.Then Click on Save and you should now have Minecraft up top next to the Home Button.They are also the company that hosts this and many other forums for games.I will also point out that I am not in anyway saying this is the "best or only" way of installing mods. Head on over to and click on the big DOWNLOAD NOW button.

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Forge is actually easy to install for those of us who have done it, but can be challenging for those who are new to modded Minecraft.

This is the part I do not understand why so many posts direct the person to do everything manually.

Curse has made a Minecraft Launcher that will download and install Minecraft, Forge, and Mods for you with just a few clicks.

Then you will need to Name your Profile and also pick the Version of Minecraft you want to run.

Right now most mods are made for 1.7.10 but more mods are updating to 1.8.

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