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López de Legazpi and his men sailed the Pacific Ocean for 93 days.

In 1565, they landed in the Mariana Islands, where they briefly anchored and replenished their supplies.

Bambalito rode back to Macabebe and formed a fleet of two thousand five hundred moros consisting of soldiers from the villages along Manila Bay particularly from Macabebe and Hagonoy.However, the Rajah's ally in northern shores of Manila Bay, historically known as the young Bambalito of Macabebe, asked Rajah Soliman (Old Ache) to revoke his alliance with the Spaniards.Rajah Matanda refused because of the "word of honor" of the Spaniards.López de Legazpi would go on to marry Isabel and have nine children with her. Between 15, he worked as a leader of the financial department council and as the civil governor of Mexico City.In 1564, López de Legazpi was commissioned by the viceroy, Luis de Velasco, to lead an expedition in the Pacific Ocean, to find the Spice Islands where the earlier explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Ruy López de Villalobos had landed in 15, respectively.

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