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At one point, co-star Cicely Tyson admonishes Madea: “God takes care of folks better than you can,” to which Madea responds, “God takes too long.”2.

"Madea Goes to Jail" (2009) Madea’s criminal history involves a litany of charges including identity theft, insurance fraud, and attempted murder.

Landing in prison after destroying a racist woman’s car, she befriends serial killer Sofia Vergara, battles a predatory inmate, and gets released on a technicality, dancing out of the joint.

The highest-grossing Madea film, and the one in which she’s almost conscience-free, as close to pure id as a human being can be without transforming into a cartoon Tasmanian Devil.1.

"Madea's Witness Protection" (2012) This was the second-highest-grossing Madea movie to date, but it came along at a time when Perry was making minor noise about retiring the character, and it shows.

This time around she defies court-ordered anger management (with Dr.

Phil) and mocks her daughter Cora’s peaceful faith in Jesus.

Although there were rumors about Tyler’s sexual orientation it appears that he is trying to fix them by creating a family.

Tyler Perry girlfriend can be happy because of their union, because when he fixed his problems, no doubt that he is going to be a good man.

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