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The actors don’t have a chance to show any spontaneity.Sheedy’s Theresa falls for Danny virtually overnight, and for no other reason than the fact that he’s courtly and sweet.The numbers begin to jump within the age group 32-37, but without question, the three age groups with the highest number of women are the 38-43 group, the 44-49 group, and the 50-55 group.There are even far more single women available in the 56-61 age group than there are in the 18-25 and 26-31 combined. Among most heterosexual men, the appeal of a woman’s strictly sexual companionship will always remain fairly high, assuming the women have been blessed with a reasonably attractive face and have managed to keep their figure reasonably shapely.Candy has been stuck in so many one-note comedies that it’s nice to see a movie that tries to tap the three-dimensional empathy he had in .And O’Hara, returning to the screen after nearly 20 years, plays the domineering Rose with savage comic gusto. Muldoon is a cheapskate, a racist, and a woman who denies her own instincts.John Candy plays Danny Muldoon, a cheery Chicago police officer who’d love to meet a nice girl and settle down.

, the team of John Hughes (producer) and Chris Columbus (director and now screenwriter as well) have collaborated on a romantic comedy that feels like a paint-by-numbers throwback to the ’50s.

A widow, she doesn’t want to give him up — and, more to the point, he doesn’t quite want to give her up.

Framed as a boy-meets-girl love story, the movie is really about the nagging romance between a ”good” Irish-Catholic son and the mother who’s guilt-tripped him into taking the place of her late husband.

One sister, who is 39 years of age and in possession of an MBA degree who lives in Atlanta said in a recent conversation with me, “Alan, back in the day, many women could afford to be a stay-at-home-mother and traditional housewife because the way the (national) economy was, a two-parent family with two or three children could survive on just the man’s earned income. I personally have been so engrossed with career advancement that I never took time to really invest in finding a soulmate, but now that I feel ready to settle down with Mr. One sister, who I know who resides in Manhattan, informed me that when it comes to spending time with men in a strictly sexual manner, her strong preference is for men who are 29 years of age or younger.

Right, men are treating me as if I am too old for them … Said this sister, “Alan, I believe I can speak for many of my girlfriends when I say this, and this is no offense to you being an older gentleman …

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