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Our dating experts see more similarities than differences between straight and lesbian dating cultures. Whatever your orientation, the whole point of dating is to build chemistry and connect on a personal level — and a dating site can give you easy access to your type of woman.

For singles, like my friend, who feel unsure about how to approach women online, we’ve come up with nine lesbian-specific online dating tips that can point you in the right direction and get you chatting up lovely ladies in no time.

Because she’ll never sign her letters off with a “your truly” - but always with a “see you when I see you” ― tags: dating, dating-quotes, dating-relationships, dating-soul-mate, dating-tips, freedom-quotes, independance, independence, independent-women, love, love-quotes, relationships-love, taming, travel, travel-quotes, traveling, travelling, travelling-alone “The Couple's Manifesto: We will trust each other. It is because love was there before but they choose to spit on it and rejected the person who had it.

Just remember that their love might be the only true love you will get in your entire life.

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They do find new partners but they don't find love.” ― “When I was a teenager I thought by having a boyfriend it somehow made me lovable. Don't allow peer pressure to have a boyfriend make you not feel whole without someone else.

We are of one mind,though at times we think differently.

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“Unless she scares the hell out of you, blows the cobwebs from your mind, scorches your heart with passion, melts your chains with goodness and lights a fire in your pants..she is not the one.” ― tags: break-ups, clarity, courtship, dating, dating-101, dating-tips, discernment, fiance, finding-a-spouse, knowing-vs-guessing, longevity, prayers, relatinships-101, relationship, seeking, selective, stayingpositiveu-com, the-one tags: attention, being-appreciated, being-desired, character, content, dating-tips, desired, excited, feel-beautiful, feel-sexy, happiness, heard, inspired, integrity, joyful, laugh, listened-to, marriage-tips, proud, relationships-101, respected, sexy, simple-needs, special, trustful, wanted “The world always said to just be yourself, but it turned out when Evelyn was herself, no guys were at all interested, so she was left with games of make-believe, expressing enthusiasm for whatever the men wanted to do, be it rock climbing or going to a cheese-beer pairing or a Knicks game.” ― “Date a girl who travels they said, but please, know that you will never tame her nor keep her. That's why some people are complaining saying they cant find love.

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