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Secondly, sending naked pics to people should never be done, ever. If they persist, stop talking to them or block them if you have to.

Foreword | This paper reports the experience of Queensland police in the investigation of predatory behaviour by men seeking sex with children through online chat rooms.

The purpose of this study is to better understand how online grooming offences are committed and how they can be policed.

A range of possible offences may be used where an adult engages in sexual activity with a child, depending on the nature of the sexual activity.

The results of this study show the aggressive and rapid way that children are targeted by adults for sexual purposes.

Computers connected to the internet provide a number of ways to communicate in real time with other people who can be anywhere, including across the room, hallway, road, city, state, country or world.

The definition of sexual intercourse is specifically not limited to acts involving physical contact.

Nor does the prosecution have to prove that the adult intended a particular sexual act.

Where there are laws in place, how are we to combat this predatory type of behaviour?

One way is for the police to pretend to be children in online spaces and wait for the predators to come to them.

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