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Ryan is a remarkable individual and I don’t think that I have ever encountered anyone as fascinating as him.I could listen to him talk about articulating skeletons all day long and not get bored.From then on, I was determined to revive this lost art form.Relying on techniques gleaned from years of experience as a custom jeweler, each piece of metal is painstakingly cut, formed, and manipulated to perfectly match each section of the individual skull.Lena: You moved from the Discovery Channel to the Science Channel. Our show has become more scientific in information as a result so we really get a chance to talk more about some of these items in a more educational fashion. Lena: What you do requires an immense amount of knowledge of not only anatomy but so much more. Those existed in the mid-nineteenth century and I’m just carrying on the tradition.Because of that we get a lot of younger people or even parents contacting us saying, “Little Donnie is really, really enjoying science as a result of you guys and I appreciate it.” We get a lot of younger people contacting us that are very interested in a lot of the things that we do on the show especially what I do, skeletal articulation, which is pretty broad spectrum. There are not that many resources to learn how to build a skull or to clean them. One thing that makes your work stand out and makes it incredible is your artistic vision. There’s really nobody that I know of that makes these anymore.I really like the old ones that I have seen and the Mutter Museum in PA has two really nice examples.There were a couple of other companies that did it up until about the ‘20s or ‘30s then they just started making them out of plastic and in other such ways.

Inevitably this led to the opening of Against Nature, a gentleman's boutique in the classic Victorian tradition, located in the heart of New York's lower east side.I found the show on the Science Channel and luckily they were running a marathon so I was able to catch up and now it is one of my favorite shows.My weekend of being a couch potato turned me on to a new show and Ryan turned out to be one of my favorite interview specimens.I try to make mine a little more elaborate and ornate.They were teaching aids to really teach a young osteologist or even someone in the MD world what the human head consists of. Ryan Matthew: The process of disarticulation can take up to two weeks, just to get it apart.

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