Oab address book not updating

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Offline address book(OAB) is the Local Copy downloaded to the Outlook Client Machine from the Exchange Servers for the Local Queries of address resolutions when disconnected from Exchange Servers. Ideally It helps to reduce the Exchange Servers Work Loads.From Outlook clients When Address queries happens, It will validate against the local Offline Address book before it reaches to Exchange servers and also helps in doing the offline search when disconnected.Service Responsible for Offline Address Book(OAB) Generation: OAB Generation is taken care by the Mailbox Assistants Service.it allows OAB Generation to run or pause based on the workloads of the Exchange Servers.Users also can manually download OAB whenever they want to download. The Client Outlook OAB Download process as follows, 1.As I mentioned in the autodiscover article, OAB URLs are getting shared in the XML file to the clients. By using Autodiscover call, OAB URLs are handed over to the Outlook client, and Outlook client connects to the Client Access (frontend) services on a Mailbox server. The Client Access services on the Mailbox server that accepts the connection and performs the following steps: 1.Users not receiving latest contacts in cached mode UPDATE GLOBAL ADDRESS LIST USING EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT SHELL (EMS) NEXT OPEN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE (EMC) BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: 1. Locate your Default Offline Address book and Right Click on it then select Update.

From Exchange 2013 on wards, Offline address book is being distributed using the Web-based Distribution method only being said that, Public folder based Distribution is removed and OAG Generation has been moved to the disgnated Mailbox. All versions of Outlook clients that are supported by Exchange fully support OAB version 4.if your organization is big and OAB is more than 100 MB, It will consume more network and Exchange Server Utilization due to which it always recommended to keep the only one mailbox across Organization.Suppose you have multiple Exchange data center locations and users are distributed across the locations, you can create the Shadow Copies of the OABs so that network traffic can be avoided.In eariler versions, It has been taken care by the Exchange System Attendant Service. So far, we have seen the General information about the Offlien Address Book, Now let’s deepin to the process, How Offline Address Book(OAB) Generation works?OAB generation is being controlled by the mailbox assistant named OABGenerator Assistant that runs under the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants service.

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