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She is wondering whether someone like Jack would be the type of guy that is going to be able to provide.

After all, Jessica has her sights set on a bright future for her family.

This Texan man with all of his charm is starting to grow on her.

Jack appears to be without wealth or riches, but is that really the case?

Maybe in time she could find a man that would make a good husband and have the money to support them. He is the type of guy that is wearing a cool cowboy hat and happens to be very attractive.

Jack Morrison comes along just in time for her to wonder whether her policy about seeing others socially is a good idea. For the first time in a while, Jessie has a bit of a crush.

Will he be able to win her over or fail to impress?

Can this waitress let down her walls long enough to fall in love with the man of her dreams? Not Quite Mine is the second novel in the Not Quite series.

When Katie Morrison comes across Dean Prescott, this heiress’s world is about to come tumbling down. She loved him deeply, but when she runs into him at a wedding, she has a revelation that her life has a huge hole in it.

He is accustomed to women being very interested in him wherever he goes, but it gets old after a while, particularly if you suspect that they love the idea of your money than actually being with you.

Jessie is just looking for security, and he wants to give that to her.

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