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As more and more DIY security cameras come on the market, so grows the fear of giving hackers a literal view inside our lives.With its security system, Myfox hopes to give users a little peace of mind by including a privacy shutter on its camera.I put the Intelli Tag on my sliding glass door, because that’s the place I’m most concerned about someone breaking in.The only time it went off was when I forgot the system was armed and opened the door myself. The alarm was so loud, it was actually a bit painful.Myfox claims these tags can tell the difference between regular events, such as people knocking on the door or the wind, and genuine attempts to break in.Once, triggered the siren sounds and notifications are sent to family and friends via the apps, SMS or email.The Link supports up to 50 Intelli TAGs, 50 key fobs and 2 relay links for extending the range of the system.

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While the system isn’t Home Kit-enabled yet, Myfox has confirmed it will be in future – which makes sense given Apple is adding alarm system report in i OS 9.

You can also add an optional security camera to the system for £170.

A few years ago, there were some freaky instances of people spying on Mac users without their knowledge by disabling the activity light on their computers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t volume settings, and I felt like I was broadcasting my false alarms to the whole neighborhood.

It turns out, I was actually using the sensor wrong, anyway.

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