My wife is dating another man

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I asked if he wanted something to drink and he told (not asked) me to make him a drink, which I did.

I then stood by him while he was seated and did not know what to say or do.

" The answer was yes, I do want you to date other men, but could not say it. I would never date or even ask to date another woman. I know I have been working a lot lately and not able to pay you proper attention. It would make me happy." Kathy was at a loss for words. Finally she said, "No, I am still a married woman and a married woman does not do this." I then played the ace card, "It would be an act of kindness. It would not be a big deal to just go and have a drink with him and think how much you could help him." "Hmmm," she said. I was still surprised at the power of them, and the images were not even of her having sex with him, just being together. It was so hot that I was stunned, but continued playing them in my mind. So I told him I would give you the message." "But I am married. Do you want to date other women and are using this as a justification? "Just wanted to let you know that I will be a little late getting home tonight," she said. "I told Alan that I would have a drink with him and he asked for tonight so I said yes. That evening as I waited for my wife to arrive home, images of them together came in my mind. I will get some pizza and there will be some for you when you get home," I said. You are still a beautiful and desirable woman, and his asking you out proves it." I said. I was shocked but wanted to go down that path, even though it was clearly outside any societal norm. I could stand to lose at least 10 pounds" my wife said. She noted that his personality was so very different from his appearance. Well, I hope you were not too rude to him." She said. Again, you were right when you told him I would not object to your dating. " I told her, "Well, Alan does," surrendering my husbandly rights to Alan. And the last time I was asked out on a date was when I was in high school before I met you. Now I feel old." "You are not old by any stretch of the imagination. Your going out with another man will not change my love for you. She apologized, but said Alan insisted that she have more than one drink. As you said, he has a commanding presence." "You did not tell him no?! "Well, just tell him that tomorrow or else he will show up here at 7. When she went into the bedroom and saw the dress laid out for her, she called to me, "Are you sure you want me to wear this dress?

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