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If you want to keep your rich single men at arms length for now then Sugar Daddy Meet is more casual and adventurous, and the pressure is off a little, so it’s good for new sugars or sugars who like snowboard dates rather than intimidating dinner dates.(You can always join Millionaire Match for LTR prospects if you get serious about being a lifetime sugar baby! Finding rich men dating sites is only half of the path to becoming a sugar baby.

You can be a “gold-digger”, but it’s best to not advertise it, ok?

Read on, and please forgive my harsh tone, Theo says some of you girls need a wake-up call if you want to be better prospect for single rich men looking for love.

…are not going to make you their personal Cinderella.

What I mean by this is that rich guys looking for love will spot a lazy gold-digger a mile away and at best will label you as casual fun material.

Their wealth is important to them, as is class, quality and discretion.

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