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If your thing requires you to harm yourself in a way that debilitates you in any significant fashion (such as carving your arms or burning yourself, or exposing yourself to repeated humiliating acts that disturb you (even if they fascinate you too) that is not really okay, and psychotherapy with an understanding therapist would appear to be a good idea.

Likewise, if your masochism comes out of past abuse experiences that you are trying to recreate and/or master, I don’t know that acting out sexually is going to help put that stuff to rest.

Those people who seek out pain may have a variety of reasons for doing so.

People who self-harm (which you say you do not do) typically report, for instance that they want to punish themselves, or that they require the pain to ground themselves again (after being dissociated, for instance).

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Most people aren’t masochists for the simple reason that it hurts physically and/or emotionally to participate in masochistic acts, and most people avoid painful activities.

Some paraphilias (like transvestism) are harmless, while others (such as pedophilia) are fairly monstrous.

If you are able to act out your thing without harming anyone else or yourself in the context of an exclusively adult and consensual relationship, AND you aren’t particularly bothered by being stuck with your paraphilia, then you are probably okay.

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